Sunday, May 27, 2012

Great Summer Books

I am not, by any means, a knower-of-all when it comes to literature, but I do enjoy reading for pleasure. Almost exclusively I enjoy fiction, but I like non-fiction books when they have to do with Egypt, the American Civil War, and colonial America.

My favorite genre to read is crime/mystery. James Patterson is among the top of my list for reading for pleasure. His books are fast paced, short chapters (2-4 pages), and have interesting topics. If you are a reader who enjoys reading series books my first pick to you for summer reading would be:

James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club. To date, there are ten books (perhaps now an eleventh) in the series and each book has it’s chronological number as part of the title (1st to Die, etc).

Ten books for summer reading can sound like a lot. I typically find myself able to finish two books per week. This is in part because they are so interesting I take time from television to read, or incorporate my down time into reading time.

If 10 books sounds too ambitious, or if murder/crime mysteries are not your thing there is another trilogy that is all the rage right now. It is “Fifty Shades” (Grey, Darker, Freed) by E. L. James. This series will total up past 1,600 pages but it will have your full interest. 

The “Fifty Shades” trilogy is the last set of books I have completed and it was sad when I came to the last book because I wanted to continue reading. One disclaimer, this series is for adults only.This topic for a book is completely outside my reading interests, but it was very well written. The series has been on the New York Best Seller’s list and in my opinion deserves to be there!

If series or trilogies just aren’t your thing there is another book that is well worth the time to read and it is Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.

This book is about the circus coming to town and an old man in a nursing home going back in time and recalling his days working for the traveling circus when Barnum and Bailey’s and Ringling Circus were traveling across the country by train.

Utilize your time by the pool, camping, traveling in the car for the family vacation, and during your evening when you would have watched t.v. and read a good book...or books!

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