Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mulching Landscaping Beds

I finished my front yard about two weeks ago by weeding and mulching my landscaping beds. 90 bags later, I had about 2-3 inches of mulch surrounding my plants and making a very clear edge between grass and the beds.

Two weeks later I have very few weeds. There are several reasons this happened. The first being that I did pull almost all of the weeds before mulching so not many seeds were left to continue making more weeds. Another reason is that the weeds have a more difficult time growing when there is a substantial amount of mulch. This amount of mulch also allows the beds to retain moisture and water so that it doesn't evaporate as quickly and your plants will need far less watering through the hot summer.

I have done my beds both ways-very little mulch that barely covers the dirt, and now the recommended 2-3 inches. The beds look better than ever, and the continued upkeep is far less. I am going to predict that the amount of mulch I will need to add next year will pale in comparison.

I have lived in my home for almost 6 years now, and the backyard has remained untouched for that time period. We have cut down some large trees that were dead or had grown for years un-trained. The shade is amazing over my porch and patio, but the shade brings problems of its own.

Today I power washed my deck, patio, house, rocks, and paver stones. It was AMAZING to me how green everything was back there. because it all turned green together it was hard to tell, but once I got that pressurized water taking it off I had no choice but to do everything. It took me four power washer tanks full of gas to complete the project. My hands were tingling for hours after because it vibrates so much when you hold the handle.

My goal with this untouched space is to cut down all the green growth, mulch with likely 30 bags of mulch, and plant hostas.

Hostas are one of my favorite plants. There are many varieties to choose from and they grown in sun/shade areas. I have the lucky advantage of some very sturdy plants that I divide in the spring and they bounce back to full size by the end of the next summer.

Gardening 101 with transplanting and dividing plants is that this time of year is NOT the right time of year to do that. So, for now my ugly between deck-house space will only see mulch unless I buy a few potted hostas at the nursery.


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  2. Are you still having a problem with the weeds? Adding a mulch bed can be a good solution to the problem. The mulch can block the sunlight, which will prevent the weeds from going too quickly. In addition, you can use some newspaper to cover the beds up. The additional layers of newspaper can help in shading the beds so that they would receive less sunlight. Just make sure you keep the newspaper wet so that it won’t get blown away by the wind.

  3. I do have a small amount of issue with weeds, but mostly the really hearty thistle type. I have found they take root, and securely very fast. I have some gravel that they anchor into as well. I have not tried the newspaper idea, but it stands to reason that it would work. I also like the idea that it can be done for basically no cost and is a great way to reuse and recycle newspaper!
    -Stephanie Stepford


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