Friday, May 25, 2012

No new t.v. for the summer...

It is the time of year when all of my favorite television shows are bidding farewell for the summer as they air their season (and some series) finales. This is going to leave a lot of time for most people in the evenings.

The first, and most obviously wonderful way to spend your time is by gardening and caring for your outdoor space. For my house this includes watering my vegetable garden and potted plants, weeding, and keeping up with my grass. Being diligent in doing these things will actually mean spending less time doing it as the summer goes on.

In addition to caring for your outdoor space (who doesn’t love entertaining?!!!), many people grill out and cook with fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables.

The summer’s bounty will require more preparation, care, and frequent trips to purchase to ensure everything is fresh, but this is part of the joy of summer. Search for local city and farmer’s markets in your area. When I did a search I was surprised at the number of markets available within a 15 minute drive. Many grocery stores now get produce from local farmers and even post signs with it as to the origin of the food, but there is just something so much more intimate about going to the farmer’s market or even the farm it came from! So, after all this shopping and cooking you might want some down time.

My typical go-to chill-out activity is t.v., but we already established it is gone for the summer. The next best thing is reading! That is my excuse for missing several days in a row from posting. I finished a trilogy (Fifty Shades of Grey) within less than two weeks-it totaled to more than 1,600 pages. Books are important for so many reasons. We are able to use our imagination more with books than t.v. It also sends a wonderfully important message to others too…that reading can be fun.

Studies show that children who come from families that see their parents read are much further ahead in school and will also have a love for reading. This is sort of the “do as I say, not as I do” principle. If parents hassle their children about reading because “it’s good for them” or “it’s fun”, the children will be much more likely to do so when they see their parents reading for no reason other than pleasure.

Some tips for getting your child to enjoy reading: *Allow them to choose reading material they are interested in *Take them to the library several times a month to choose books *Trust their ability to read-they just might surprise you *Take time to read and pick literature with them Enjoy your summer, and remember being outdoors is fun! Fresh air can make anyone’s mood happier :-)

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