Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Drinks for Summer

Naturally with the heat of the summer people need and choose to drink more beverages. There are several that I love, both alcoholic and family-friendly. I tend to enjoy lemon and/or tea based beverages but I should have drinks that please all palates in my favorites list below.

Family Friendly Drinks

My favorite is the refrigerated tea by Gold Peak. They have several flavors to choose from including original, diet, sweet, lemonade sweet tea, and lemon. They can be as cheap as $2 a piece (or $3.76 at Sam's Club for the sweet tea flavor only). I love all the flavors available but the diet is probably my favorite, tied with the lemonade sweet tea but I try to avoid the extra calories).

 My second favorite beverage are the Arizona brand canned teas (I just so happen to love tea!). My favorite flavor of Arizona tea is the Arnold Palmer Zero. You can't go wrong with most all of the flavors available. Some don't even have tea it it.

Another favorite summer drink of mine is Santa Cruz organic lemonade. They also make a Raspberry Lemonade that is delicious!

My step kids LOVE when I make smoothies during the summer. There is no set recipe but here is my basic formula (the most fun part is the endless possibility).

Ice, milk, yogurt, fruit pieces. You can choose pretty much any flavor yogurt and any kind of fruit. I typically use fruit that is slightly over ripe that no one wants to eat plan and raw, or fruit I bought in bulk that was in season and on sale.

My entire family enjoys a large glass of crystal light when we eat outside on the patio, picnic, or just eat inside. There are so many great flavors to choose from but our favorites are lemonade, fruit punch, cocktail mojito and cocktail pomegranate martini (both non-alcoholic).

Over 21 Crowd

My favorite alcoholic summer beverage are the new single-serving freezer pouches. I discovered that both Daily's and Arbor Mist have pouches. My favorite flavors made by Daily's are the White Peach and the Margarita. The Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot and the White Pear Pinot Grigio are great too. Arbor Mist's pouches are the same price but with nearly double the alcoholic content so be careful!

My last favorite beverage is sangria. This is a super "community" drink if you are having a party with friends and family that are local. I sort of consider sangria a complete mix of random left over wines and frozen fruit (or fresh). I find sangria is the best if you mix many wines together. It is a great way for people to use up that "less than half" a bottle of wine in the fridge. I suggest frozen fruit because it keeps the drink cold without diluting it like ice does. Don't forget, the fruit at the end is very yummy to eat, but has absorbed a great deal of alcohol.

If you are going to try any of my favorites from my Over 21 Crowd list, be responsible and don't drink and drive!!

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