Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day Gifts From the Sixties and Seventies

The sixties and seventies were just as progressive with their gifts as their politics...In fact, some of them were dangerous. Take for instance this fun outdoor game for the family, Jarts, a "missile" game. It was like horseshoes, but with small javelins. The goal was to get the heavily weighted, slightly blunted,  projectile of death into the ground inside the plastic hoop...without impaling your little brother. I would totally get this for my dad, but he already has one....I will not be buying this for Shannon since I do not want a projectile of death flying in my general direction at any time. I did my time with the game...I survived...and now I have moved on.

 Buying your dad a leisure suit was a thing in the seventies....but was it a good thing???

I hate buying clothes for other people. You are never sure if it is really their style and that they will really like it, and then there is the awkwardness of if they wear it or don't wear it. The only time I mess with clothes is if it is utilitarian or is super awesome like the Serenity t-shirt I bought Shannon for Christmas (Jane with his gun saying it's time for some thrilling heroics).

It was also recommended that you buy the things he wears under the leisure suits...ew!

And clock radios were a hit again, this time in many different colors and styles.

The most sensible gift of these two decades is definitely the pen. Plus it erases...I love those pens (the ones that work)!

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