Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Gifts (Present Time)

The most popular gift for Dad is a Father's Day card. Almost 90 million cards are exchanged on Father's Day, according to the Hallmark card company. Not all of them will be gift cards of course, but some might have an invitation to a special outing for the special day...For the first time since NRF began its survey in 2004, the most popular gift for dad this year behind greeting cards is a special outing, with about 44% of consumers planning to spend on something like a family dinner or going to a sporting event.

 You could also get dad a picture of you (this is what Ethan ended up doing). He gave Shannon a framed photo of himself and another photo on a key chain.

And there is always the tech/tool option. Dads like the latest toys...Not so much my dad, but most dads. Shannon likes the latest toys, but is too particular to buy for.

It is good to know that there remains one constant throughout the years, that's right, every decade had at least one ad for buying your dad underwear. Please tell me, who is out there buying their dads underwear?! Who?! (please note: if you come forward there will be a follow up question. Why?)

So to be quite honest, all my wonderings haven't really helped me come up with any ideas. It was entertaining though, and who knows, maybe one of these gifts ended up being just what you were looking for. I just hope it's not the underwear. (but please tell me if it is!)

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