Monday, June 4, 2012

Food Hoarders-I'm One

Yes. The first step to admitting you have a problem is being able to admit it, and I am a food hoarder. This problem became quite apparent when I was able to look around my kitchen at places that should NOT be permanent homes to food and food products!

I decided that there was a good possibility I would be able to fit it all, and in an organized fashion, into my food pantry. I have some before and after photos to document my progress.

When I began trying to organize my pantry I realized I would not have enough room to empty the entire pantry first, so I started on the top shelf (completely clearing it to my kitchen table). I began "finishing" shelves as I worked my way down.

 As I finished the highest shelves (not pictured here) it thinned out lower shelves so I had some wiggle room to maneuver items and re-organize them!

Finally, I was able to put all my food into the pantry in an organized fashion. I can now find what I have and cook with it rather than buying it again because I forgot I had it or couldn't find it!

I have a plan to cure my food hoarding! I am going to try to eat "through" what I have stored up with my family over the summer and only purchase items I don't already have (and the key, only buy what I need for that meal!). The shopping mentality I had wrongly tried was to purchase items when they go on sale. Looking through my food I easily have $500 retail in food stocked up. It will take me all summer with my step-kids there 6 weeks to dwindle down the stock pile. I could have used this money elsewhere and purchased the items when I needed it.

Wish me luck :-)

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