Monday, June 25, 2012

How Can I Keep Up with All that Laundry?!

Laundry! This is the house cleaning chore I absolutely hate the most. No matter what approach I try and take it is a household task that multiplies and gets out of control every time. Eventually the laundry ends up all out of dressers and closets (how this happens I can't quite figure out).

At some point, it can be difficult to distinguish between what laundry is already clean and what is waiting its turn. I have a few theories about why my laundering abilities have come to such a desperate state.

Old-Fashioned Laundry Tip #1- Sort Out Your Colors

I think this tip is the biggest culprit to my inability to do laundry. I wear such a large variety of colors I would have 8 different loads of laundry a week if I sorted my laundry loads by color. I used to not do my laundry all in one week because I would wait until I had more dirty laundry of a certain color to make up a full load. Well, after a while I would have many piles "waiting" to be big enough to do the load. This is where the abundance of laundry starts, and that problem is right off the bat!

For the exception of drastic reds, blues, and whites, I do all of my laundry together unless I have a new garment that I'm sure will leech colors. I wear a majority of clothing that won't.

Old-Fashioned Laundry Tip #2- Put your Laundry into the Dryer Quickly to Avoid Wrinkles and Mildew

This tip certainly does carry some weight! If you don't put your wet clothes in the dryer quick enough they can smell or severely wrinkle. With my OCD tendencies to do it "all right or not at all" I put off even doing the wash for a time when I "know" I will be home to put my things in the dryer. I have a very limited time frame to accomplish this task so the opportunities I have at doing laundry aren't great.

Old-Fashioned Laundry Tip #3- After the Laundry is Dry Fold or Hang Immediately

Again, this tip does have some merit to it, but who has the time to be home to start the wash, be there to immediately put it into the dryer, THEN wait for the dryer to finish so that you can immediately put away the laundry. I suppose if you were doing your other house hold chores in this time it wouldn't be so difficult! But house-hold chores are a completely separate post that will come soon enough!

Old-Fashioned Laundry Tip #4- Keep Your Socks Folded together even when taken off and dirty so you keep them together and avoid losing one

This tip sounds great in theory, but is rotten in execution. I am always losing mates to my socks so I have certainly tried this in effort to have usable socks. The first problem with it is that it is difficult to tell if the socks are actually clean and folded. The second problem is that if they aren't unfolded as they go into the wash they will remain folded together and can't get as clean or dry.

I'm at the point of purchasing "community" socks that are all white and that fit several of us and this would eliminate the need for so closely monitoring the whereabouts of socks.

Another option for laundry-throw away all the clothes in your house and then start from scratch. Somehow, I don't think this option will be feasible...

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