Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kid Food Items Parents Hate-But Are AWESOME!

There are some foods and food items that children are going to naturally be drawn to the instant they see them! Almost all of them are completely un-nutritious, messy, full of sugar, and serve no purpose other than for us to be amazed by the items.

Here is a list of all the food items I could think of that will make you the coolest parent (or <insert other relation to child here>) EVER!!

Campfire Marshmallows.
These bad boys are basically like three regular marshmallows. When you put this mammoth into an open fire and burn it as much as possible the middle will still be white and gooey and un-touched by fire. I happen to like my marshmallows burnt so much that they ash apart when you touch them. This marshmallow makes it possible to get that and have a hot white middle that will still melt chocolate with its heat!

Giant Pixy Stix by Wonka Candy.
This candy is nothing but pure sugar in a plastic tube that children dump directly into their mouths to consume. The makers if this have eliminated the need to "work" for your sugar and nailed a no-nonsense delivery method. If you are lucky, your child won't WANT the entire thing because it is so much sugar. Good luck with that!

Speedway Frozen Slushies.
It is hard to beat a bargain like this. Where I live you can get 44 oz. of frozen sugary soda for less than $2. The part my step-kids like the most is that they can be creative with what flavors they want and they mix several to suit their specific want that moment.

Soda Stream at-home Soda Machine.
Yes, I have one of these. I know, I can't believe it either. First, don't be fooled by the idea that you will save money with this because you won't be purchasing 2-liters. I think I figured the cost of making 2 liters at home to be around $1.70. There are many factors to consider: he initial price of the "machine" $80 if you are lucky, the CO2 canisters, the soda mix ($3.99-10 depending on size and flavor/variety). I don't consider the cost of water from my faucet nor the 'savings' from not using gas to transport the weight of a traditional 2-liter. The cool thing about this is you make 1 liter at a time and you know it is going to have carbonation because you put it in yourself. My step-kids also like to make this a "unique" flavor by mixing as many flavors as they can to create something new. I like one flavor at a time, and the grapefruit is probably my favorite soda flavor.

Rice Krispy Treat Sheet.
It was only a matter of time before the crafty people over at Kelloggs made a Rice Krispy that wasn't individually wrapped. This sheet I have seen retail at $20. Obviously, you could make this at home cheaper, but the novelty of it will have your kids begging you to buy it. "I'll never ask for anything else ever again....". Don't count on it.
Giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

Wow. I am not surprised that this is the new food item that kids dare other kids to try to eat all of in one sitting. I can't imagine the ratio of the traditional peanut butter cup being repeated in this giant. Again, it's a product purely of bragging rights. And yup, that little one is the regular sized cup! I think they make Snickers in this gigantic form as well.

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