Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Laundry Products and Real Tips

If you are going to do laundry you might as well use the best products out there! There are so many variables to laundry including the quality of your washer and dryer, the quality of your detergent and other laundry consumables, to your knowledge about how to clean all of these things.

I have some favorite consumable products, and some tips that are quite useful for the chore I despise the most!

First, hands down, my favorite washing machines and dryers are all Maytag. I come from a three generation old tradition of using only Maytag and the machines have certainly stood the test of time. Both my paternal and maternal grandmothers have Maytag and did not hesitate after using their original washer/dryer for 25+ years to replace it with yet another Maytag!

My favorite laundry products are as follows:

Pre-treater for stains: Shout! The faster this product sees your stain the better it will work. Let it sit as long as possible for best results.

 Laundry Detergent: for HE machines -Tide top load-Tide powder natural or fragrance free-Seventh Generation

Fabric Softener: Downy (you must use the ball and put it in the wash with the clothes!)
Fabric Softener Sheets: Bounce

Clothing Refresher: Febreze

 Best Laundry Tips:

Never use fabric softener with towels, they loose their fluff and ability to absorb water

Bras, a woman's necessity, are not supposed to be put in the washing machine, but we all do. Just make sure it never sees its way to the dryer...ever! It needs to be pushed back into shape and left on top of the dryer to air dry. If you don't have anything else on top of the dryer it will get warm when it is running and help speed up the air-dry process. 

When folding bed sheets, store the fitted and flat sheet as well as additional pillow cases within one pillow case from the set. This helps keep the set together and look better folded. We ALL know it's impossible to fold a fitted sheet well no matter how hard we try!!!

"Shake" out items like jeans, towels, and balled up socks before putting in the drier to help them dry faster, cause less wrinkles, and be fluffier

Clean out the lint trap every time you use the drier. This helps eliminate as much lint as possible from becoming a fire hazard and helps your drier more efficiently dry your clothes.

Purchase laundry consumables in bulk, on sale, or with coupons because there is almost no reason to ever pay full retail price for these items. Stores draw in consumers to get items just like these at a bargain prices hoping people will purchase other items that aren't on sale.

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