Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mothers and Fathers

During May and June, almost all people have a mother and/or father to honor and celebrate for Mother's and Father's Day, or are parents themselves. For some, it is also a sad day because they have lost a parent or are reminded of a failed relationship that distances child and parent. This type of loss is something everyone can be empathetic with because we will all lose our parents at some point.

Not only do people mourn the loss of their parent, but some more unfortunately, and against nature's natural course, mourn the loss of a child. Regardless of whether they mourn an only child or one of several, the pain of losing a child can be hard to overcome. This loss is something that only those who have experienced it can understand. We can all try to imagine what that would be like, but until it happens, I think it would be nearly impossible to understand.

In a different perspective, some people are mourning a different type of loss when they can't or have failed at conceiving. It is a natural instinct for humans to want to procreate, it is in our genes to assure the survival of humans. This is a type of loss that continues to grow overtime as lost hope and increased feelings of loss continue. The feelings of this type of loss can change once a person, or couple, have come to terms that they will not conceive. They will still be sad and feel a sense of loss, but they won't be burdened by their failed hopes.

Regardless of where you have been, or where you are going, keep in mind that Mother's Day and Father's Day can be extremely difficult holidays to others and you might not even realize who it is affecting. With all heartache comes positive moments.

God has a plan for all of us, and sometimes our hardships are preparing us for a greater plan. Don't keep your eyes turned from a magnificent plan God might be laying out before you. Perhaps a loss in your life will help you to greater appreciate the gifts we have before us and spend more time with our loved ones while we can.

A couple unable to have children might be presented with the selfless opportunity to foster or adopt a child. Don't forget that perhaps you are meant to be a parent in a different way such as being a step-parent, animal parent, school or church parent, mentor, or counselor to others going through difficulties conceiving. It is difficult, but never lose sight of the other gifts and opportunities presented to us throughout our lives.

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