Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Refurbished Dining Room Chairs

...a work in progress.

When Shannon and I finally moved out of our loft apartment we inherited a free dining set from my aunt. The wood was good quality, but it had seen a long life, there were some dings and scratches and the fabric on the chairs was faded and needed new padding. My aunt wasn't even sure I would want it, but I know she buys good wood and I loved the excuse to make my dining set really my own, so I jumped at the chance to refurbish it.

Step one was removing the old fabric and padding. It was kind of cool seeing all the different fabrics that had been used over the years and I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of it. Unfortunately, I was in full work mode then and just threw them out.

Step two was buying the new fabric, batting, and padding. We didn't measure how much we needed because I was already planning on buying a lot of it to have left over for other projects.

Step three was cleaning the chairs. We used Murphy's Oil for that.

Step four was the measuring, cutting, and ultimately stapeling of the new padding and fabric to back of the chair board.

We were going for a Vera Bradley look with the fabric!

 Then Ta -Da! The chair is much prettier. I still want to paint it. Shannon thinks it is sacrilegious to paint wood, but I think it is old enough and not going to be an antique so why not? I would probably go with the dark green in the fabric and then do some kind of flourish design using the yellow or orange. Any suggestions anyone? I would love some feedback on this one! (Especially if you are on my side about the whole painting wood thing!)

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