Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stepford Top Five Easy Homemade Father's Day Gifts

       # 5      Follow in Dad’s footsteps picture

This sentimental gift for Dad is sure to be cherished for years — plus it’s simple and modern and will look great in Dad’s office! The best part is the quote, “Daddy, I love you and I love following in your footsteps!”

    For a full list of materials, instructions, and more crafts like this visit: She Knows.
       #4       Dad's Traveling Box   

If your Dad does a lot of traveling, we have the perfect gift for him for Father’s Day! Ethan and I were thinking about adapting this for a Geocache Box for Shannon.

For more crafts like this one and a how-to visit: Better Homes and Gardens.

   #3       Dad Rocks Paperweight

Dad Rocks Paperweight by Amanda Formaro

My husband and father-in-law both love puns and I thought this was totally cute. The clay is really easy to make and you probably have everything you need already right in your kitchen.

For a complete how-to and more crafts like this visit: Crafts by Amanda.

        #2                      Family Bowling

This game looks like a ton of fun! I think it might be good for letting out aggression too; I know there have been times I would have enjoyed knocking over a pin with my sibling's face on it.

For a very easy how-to and more crafts like this visit: No Time For Flash Cards.

      #1                 Father's Day Questionarre

I absolutely love this questionarre. It is the perfect keepsake, fun to read, and will be great to look back on. The party banner on the frame really caught my eye and I love the old time mustache theme!

 For a complete how-to and printable visit: Daffodil Design.

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