Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wandering Wonders

I listed in a previous post some fun things to do for free with your family. Number one on my list was to take a wandering walk. This is something Shannon and I do often so I thought I would share with you some of the things we have found along the way.

I just love this dog. Usually, I am more of a cat person, but metal sculptures have a special place in my heart.I love the  The floppy ears are too cute, and I am a fan of the screw threads on the tail, but eyelashes are really what did it for me; she just looks so sweet and innocent with her bone! And the garden bee...OMG I can't get enough of his overalls! I am so going to have to start working on my own metal creations for our garden!

Okay, so this bike is not your average Huffy! It is too retro cool. I love the reverse handlebars and pink inside the wheels! Of course, it isn't quite as retro as this...

Metal and brick is such a cool combination, definitely an interesting find in a smaller city like ours. I love the old and the modern mix! And you can imagine all the dirty jokes we came up with once we spotted this sign!

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