Sunday, June 3, 2012

Wedding Anniversaries and Gifts

I am getting ready to celebrate my 6th wedding anniversary with my husband and as time goes on gifts get harder and harder to come up with. Every person typically gets a birthday gift, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and in my husband’s case- a father’s day gift. That is at least 5 presents a year times the eight years I have known him. Over 40 gifts minimum!

There are some pretty standard, and safe gifts that can be purchased for a spouse: clothing, cd’s or digital songs, movies, books, and a household gift like electronics or appliances. Most of the time these things don’t scream “unique!”.

My husband enjoys gifts that he wasn’t expecting, or that he stated he wanted in passing, and/or that are top of the line. Sometimes a gift doesn’t have to be unique to be special. Just the fact that a spouse pays attention to what you have talked about or noticed that your need is special in and of itself. It can become a financial burden if you are constantly trying to “one up” each other or even top the last gift that you got your loved one.

All of that said, here is the reality of what my anniversary 2012 looked like:

So, the first attempt I had at a wonderful surprise gift was hilariously not a surprise. My husband's favorite band is RUSH. One of the members of the group does some painting/drawing and was offering up a limited edition print (250 total) that were sold with signature and unique edition number, and the profits would benefit the Canadian Kidney Foundation if I recall properly. 

This was not something I even knew existed until hours before I purchased it. I found out about it because the group posted about it on Facebook. Well, needless to say, with only 250 available I didn't think my chances would be very good to snatch one before they were gone. I did!!! 

This wonderful triumph happened nearly 2 months before I would give it as a gift. Later that night at dinner, I was giving my husband a hard time about how I was on the ball and already took care of his anniversary gift. I told him he would NEVER guess what it was and that it would be a complete surprise to him. I was going to leave it at that, even though I am the WORST surprise gift-giver ever.  He follows this by saying, "speaking of gifts, I saw something today that I would really like but I'll never get it because it will be gone and it's too expensive." He then goes on to tell me about the very gift I had just purchased hours earlier. 

I could not believe this. How could he possibly have guessed it without guessing! So, I had to think fast. I wanted him to know this gift really truly was my idea without just hearing him tell me he wanted it. So I did the only thing I knew to do...I whipped out my cell phone to show him the email confirmation of the gift!

He was very excited and happy about it and it has been hanging up in our home for the last month and a half. I don't do well with early or delayed gifts. It doesn't feel right for the occasion to be upon you with nothing to exchange. 

So two days ago I went on a thinking spree on what I could get. It just so happened he told me his car c.d. player stopped working. The obvious gift idea would be to replace the c.d. player...but that's way too easy! I set my mind to getting him and iPod touch and a radio transmitter so he can listen to his music in the car and elsewhere (like our sound bar on the t.v. with blue-tooth technology!).

I have spent the last two days stealing his cd's and importing them onto my computer so that when he gets the iPod all of his music will be on it and he can enjoy it immediately. Although, with all the effort I put into it he might have enjoyed it more if he knew the work that went into it!

My ultimate plan for giving him the gift is to give him the am/fm radio transmitter after midnight (before we go to sleep). I am going to pretend that I think this will fix his c.d. player and make his music work in his car. When he explains to me that it won't do him any good but the thought was nice, I will pretend to be upset that my gift was useless to him. I am going to have my stepdaughter help me set up an alarm on the iPod that will wake us up in the morning to "our song" Lonestar's Amazed. He will obviously wonder where it is coming from then he will put it all together!

I hope that my plan takes him by complete surprise-because I need to win the "best gift" award just once....


  1. I had no idea you were so sneaky!!! I hope you guys had a great anniversary <3

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