Friday, July 6, 2012

These Glasses are a Camera

Megane digital camera glasses

I have always had a thing for spy equipment. When I was a little kid I formed a group called S.A.K. (Secret Agent Kids) of which I was president and attempted to solve mysteries with my two best friends at the time. So for fun, I sometimes peruse the spy stuff websites and think about all the cool gadgets I wish I could buy. On a Japanese site I stumbled upon these glasses. Not only are they completely hipster, a look I love, but they are also hiding a surprise. There is a tiny camera in the frame of these lens-less glasses that will snap a picture or even take up to a full hour of video of whatever you happen to be looking at.

The shooting is started by click the top of the glasses like you were adjusting them . They come in black, red, white and blue and come with two kinds of chains so you can change how they connect to your bag, belt or other accessories.

 Megane digital camera glasses supports up to 16 GB SD / SDHC memory cards and the glasses only weigh 33g. They use image formats JPEG and AVI with a still image resolution of  is 2048 x 1536 and a video resolution of 720 x 480/30fPs (with audio). The lens: F2.8 f = 1.56mm, the ISO: 100, and the shutter speed: Second 1/33. The battery is a built-in lithium ion with an included USB charging cable.

The cheapest ones I could find were at AC Gears for $69.99.

I want a pair so bad , but I wish they had a flash (not very stealthy, I know)!

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