Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fire Hydrant Painting

Fire hydrants usually come in one of three colors: red, orange, or yellow. In the past few years however, there has been a recent trend in painting them different colors and designs.

For example, the tiny village of Saint Peter's, Nova Scotia has painted several of their fire hydrants as various pop culture characters like this R2D2.

And in Omak, just North West of Spokane, Washington, they have painted their fire hydrants to look like people, as you can see on One Journey at a Time

In Eugene, Oregon, the community got together and painted their neighborhood hydrants in an effort to build civic pride. You can read about it here: the S.U.N.S. Painted Fire Hydrant Project

Villa Park, IL even raised over $3,000 for their fire department by allowing residents to paint their fire hydrants.

In the town where I live, they celebrated their second centennial by painting many of the fire hydrants in patriotic colors. 

Can you paint your neighborhood fire hydrants?

Most cities in the United States have strict mandates on how hydrants can be painted conforming to standards set by the National Fire Protection Association. You will have to check with your city to see what your local codes are.

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