Sunday, July 8, 2012

How to put new feet on an old chair

Replacing the feet on your chairs is extremely easy!

Our work in progress chairs had some really old feet attached to them which gave me the opportunity to learn how to replace them! We have carpet in our dining room so we didn't have to worry about getting the special no scratch felt ones, but if our carpet situation changes we might have to buy those sticky pads.

Step one: 
Turn the chair over and take off the old feet. We loosened them up with a putty knife and then used pliers to yank them off.

 Then you screw the new ones in. We started off with a screw driver and then finished them with the drill. Ours were pretty standard, but if you need to you can bring the old ones in for a size reference when you are buying the new ones.

Then you pup in the little plastic piece, give it a tap or two with the hammer and you are all done!

If your chair doesn't have a skirt, you can raise the chair height by buying taller feet. Lower the chair height by attaching shorter feet.

If your chair has a skirt, your new feet must be the same height as the old ones or the skirt won't hang properly.

If you tend to move your chair around, try new feet with casters on the bottom. You'll save wear on the feet and make the chair much easier to move.

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