Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Tell Your Husband What You Want for Your Birthday

My husband stresses more than any other person I have met about gift giving. He stresses so much that he really psychs himself out and often ends up getting something at the last minute for the person. I really hate when that person happens to be me! Before we were dating, it was much easier for him: he just bought the standard adult party gift: my favorite liquor (vodka), and some candy (Skittles). I'm not a big drinker, but I do like a cocktail every once in awhile (and maybe more than one on my birthday). When we started dating,  he had a lot more trouble coming up with anything....and now that we are married he is at a total loss.

You see, my birthday has always been kind of a big deal. It has always been an "event". I was the only girl in my generation of a very large, tight-nit family, and was therefore given huge celebrations long after I was too old for them. My last family birthday was when I was 19 years old. My parents always take me out to dinner, and my mom always calls me at my birth time. When I lived with them, I would wake up to messages on my mirror and balloons on my door. I loved it. When I stopped having family parties and celebrated with just my friends, I would plan my special night for weeks. The year I turned 21 was the same year a friend of mine (whose birthday was the day before mine) was turning 31. We had a huge combined party and at midnight blew out the candles on the cake together. Then there was another  year that my uncle planned a whole day of awesome activities just for the two of us. On two other occasions, different friends have written songs for me and played them on my birthday. One year, I even flew a plane. I have had some great birthdays. Once Shannon found out how important to me my birthday was....the pressure was on and he is nervous about my first birthday as his wife. I want to help him, but I don't want to steal his thunder.

What is the best way to not so sneakily tell him what I want?...(after all, I want to maintain some form of etiquette!) The tried and true method of skillfully placed advertisement! That's right, I am going to go "A Christmas Story" on him and hide my ads in his magazines (metaphorically speaking since he doesn't read magazines). It is the most obvious way I can think of to tell him without having to "tell him".

Since we live in a new city and it would be too far for my friends to drive up for my birthday, a party isn't really the best option this year....besides, I am too old to be having special event birthday parties for myself. If I throw any more they should be for the kids....and since I am growing up and growing out of "kid birthday phase" I want my gifts to be a little more mature as well.

(Preferably in black and thigh high)

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