Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stepford Pets- Cat Care

All of the Stepford Sisters have had, or currently have cats. Personally, I have three! There are so many fun things about cats, but here are a few tips on the care of your cat.

#1-Make sure your cats aren't eating dog food! Even though it would seem there is no difference, your cat will get sick eating exclusively dog food. On the contrary, dogs will not get sick as much if they eat exclusively cat food.

#2-Canned Tuna is something people often think of as food for cats outside of the store-bought dry food or store-bought canned food. If you feed your cat too much tuna from the can, your cat will become blind because they will be lacking many vitamins, minerals, and fats that support eye health.

#3-Don't drop or throw your cat. Even though the saying goes that cats always land on their feet, I can assure you they don't. I have a cat that loses his balance all the time and even when he jumps on his own has his feet slide out from under him or even land on his side or back.

#4- Brush your cat regularly. With three cats, you can imagine that I have a great deal of cat hair in my house to deal with. They LOVE laying on every square inch of furniture I own, so all of the chairs and couches need vacuumed at least once a week. We chose mostly microfiber for our material of furniture so it is easier to vacuum using the drapery attachment. Brushing your cat regularly isn't just for your home, clothing, or lung health, but also for your cat's digestive health. When cat's lick themselves they ingest varying amounts of cat hair. Some cats are able to pass the hair, but others will get sick and have to cough up the mass of hair it has ingested. Some unlucky cats get a mass that they can neither cough back up or pass, and this is when real problems happen. It is easiest just to avoid this potential to begin with. Every time you brush or pet your cat and collect the hair, you are eliminating potential hair they would have ingested.

#5-Keep your cat box accessible at ALL times for your cat. If your cat is trapped or away from the box they will either hold it (which can make them sick) or go outside the box on carpet, laundry or other surfaces they find suitable. It will be very hard to clean and get the smell away. After they have done it once, they are much more likely to do it again because to them, the smell is a free pass.

#6-Keep your cat's nails trimmed short. Just like dogs, if their nails are too long they can lead to health problems for your cat. When the nail begins to curl and they are walking on it, they will change how they walk on their paws which can lead to long term problems. Cats are also more inclined to find things to scratch on to file down their nails. My favorite item to have in the house for my cat's nails is a cat scratching box from Trader Joe's- and always the double wide! They make it with recycled card board, include cat nip, and sell it for less than the pet store chains.

If you are going to cut your cat's nails (which I recommend) here is a photo of a cat's nail and where to cut. All of my cats have nails that are fairly see-through, so I have no doubts of where not to cut. Doing a little bit at a time might be the way to go. Occasionally, I will just do one paw at a time if the cat is restless. My cats are so used to it though I think they realize they will feel better walking once I'm done, so they tend to stay still for me to finish.


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