Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August: Ready, Set, Go

                             What a month August will be!

School starts for many, back-to-school shopping usually begins, fall school sports are underway, and people start fall festivities.

Everyone talks about how busy they are around "the holidays", this consisting of mainly Thanksgiving and Christmas. But in my humble opinion, I think that the period of time between August and November is the most social and filled with activities, festivities, and holidays! This time of year I'm busy busy busy.

Anyone with children, or also attending school, knows how many activities take place this time of year. There are all sorts of events planned that bring people together to meet the teacher, start extra-curricular activities and sports, and just get to know some of the new people that might be intersecting with your life.

If you don't have children and are not in school, there are still plenty of things you engage in whether you realize it or not. It only takes one word for most people. Football. Even if you aren't into a local high school team or college team, most people will still acknowledge what is happening in the local area. Who can really ignore all the signs down the main road of your city cheering on your high school football team to the biggest games!

Fall is a time when us older folks tend to reminisce about our high school days. There are homecomings, reunions, and football games that take us back to the days when we were carefree and completely right about how life worked!

Some people look to the new year in January as a time of a fresh start and time to change. For me, August or interchangeably fall, brings about that change. I look at this time of year as a way to re-invent the aspects of myself that I wish were better.

My personal goals for August are going to revolve around working toward and creating the ideal me that I have always hoped for:

*eating healthier (greener and fewer calories)
*exercising for noticeable improvement
*managing my time better to accommodate all the activities fall brings
*fulfill all the objectives and assigned reading for my graduate courses

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