Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Birthday Update!

Okay, so after all my talk about what I  wanted for my birthday, I felt I should update you all on what happened. Prepare yourself for some major gushing...

It was Amazing!

I got home from work to see a sign in the driveway, and opened the door to find crepe paper and balloons everywhere! Shannon even went with a pink, purple, gold theme with the balloons so they would match the sign and cupcake crepe paper.

He layed my gifts out on the dining room table along with roses and chocolates...and we drank wine while I opened them. He got me some beautiful bracelet cuffs, that I just adore! And these funky glass bottles that I plan to use for essential oils. He explained while I opened them that he bought them as a reminder of how I want to fill a wall with shelves of different glass containers of candy. He said that he thought I had kind of forgotten about it and he wanted to remind me that we can still do that. My other gift was a gift certificate to my favorite salon. Shannon made a point of telling me that I could spend more than what was on the gift certificate. He wanted to make sure we had money set aside just for that; Shannon believes it is important for me to feel pampered because he appreciates how hard I work for us. I cried.

Then Shannon cooked us lamb for dinner, which was wonderful, and he made a two layer cake for dessert.

After dinner he poured me a bubble bath, we watched the Newsroom (currently my favorite show)...and we had a lovely evening.

Shannon let me buy my own stockings...he felt safer that way, but even without them, he knocked it out of the park! 

Also, this year I decided to cut up my birthday cards and use them to make thank you notes, I had a lot of fun making up sayings to go with the pictures.

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