Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cool Projects with Crayons

It is prime time for back-to-school shopping and I hear young kids all the time telling their parents they need a new package of crayons to start the school year. This is pretty common practice. My favorite "but" to this is the child who needed a new package of crayons with one month left to the previous school year! So, what do we do with all the crayons? There are so many awesome projects that can be done with many ages of children. I must give props to Pinterest because most of these ideas are shared on there as well (however many of them I knew before Pinterest!). Make sure you follow my safety directions at the end of each activity!

#1 Aluminum Foil Coloring (picture taken from Pinterest)

 Melted Crayon drawings... They use a "warming plate", but it looks like an electric skillet...

Electric Skillet
New or Used Crayons (or pieces)
Aluminum Foil or Paper

Directions: You can take pieces or new crayons for this project. You need an electric skillet (or you could use the stove top). Set the heat on extremely low-there is some danger of burning so make sure the children are old enough! The crayon will glide very smoothly like butter across the surface. You could also do this project on paper instead of aluminum foil.

Make sure you turn off the electric skillet (or stove) when you are finished.

#2 Hair-Dryer Art work (picture taken from Pinterest)
Crayon Melting

 Mostly new (or fairly long) crayons
Glue Gun
Hair Dryer or Heat Gun
Picture Box with wood backing or a wood-framed canvas

Directions: This artwork is a really neat display piece for your home. You can customize the colors to match the color scheme of the room you are going to put it in!  You will need to use the hot glue gun to glue the crayons to the wood frame backing (or canvas). When gluing the crayons, the flat bottom of all the crayons should edge the same border. You will want to glue the crayons close to the top edge so that as you melt the wax there is still a portion of the original crayon glued.
After you have chosen the color palate apply heat until you get the desired drip and mix of crayons! If you chose a picture box, your wax creation will be protected, but if you are using just a wood-framed canvas you will want to spray the finished art work with a clear protective aerosol spray.

Make sure you unplug your glue gun and allow to cool before storing. Same with the heat gun and hair dryer!

#3 Melt-Down Mixed Crayons

 Recycling old crayons...
Broken crayon pieces
Small crayons
Muffin Pan
Cookie cutters on cookie sheet lined with wax paper
Oven or a really hot day

Directions: Choose what colors you want to melt together into chunk mixed crayons. Melting crayons together is a great use for small crayon chunks that are left over and too small to hold. If you have enough small pieces of one color you can melt them back into a larger crayon. I like to choose a few related colors and make a multi-crayon. This project has been done time and time again, but still remains a fun and creative activity for children! As people have done this for years, there have been a few new twists. Instead of just using round muffin pans, you can try using the novelty pans with different shapes or even try using cookie cutters on top of a baking sheet. If you are using your oven, heat up to about 250 degrees and watch closely. If it is very hot outside, use a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil (this is a great green idea for recycling crayons). Either method, keep a close eye on your melted wax because if it gets too hot (and it will start mixing and turn brown). Especially with using the oven, make sure the wax doesn't get too hot!

Make sure you turn off the oven after you are finished!

#4 Candle-Melt Art (photo from Pinterest)

more crayon art

Candle (one with an open flame, not in a jar)

This was one of my favorite childhood crayon projects (mostly because I loved fire!) With adult supervision and using great care, put crayons near the open flame long enough to allow wax to melt and drop onto the paper you are decorating. Be creative and use whatever colors you can think of to make a masterpiece.  Make sure you blow the candle out after you are finished.

#5 Crayon and Colored Pencil Blended Art

Colored Pencils

Pretend like you are making a picture that is set up like a coloring book. Use the crayon to draw the outline of the entire picture, then use colored pencils of the same color to fill in the white space. Using a dark red crayon and a light red colored pencil for example can show a nice contrast.

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