Sunday, August 26, 2012

Do You Really Study for College?

School has been a fairly easy thing for me all the way from the beginning. I have seen others struggle throughout, and others pick and choose what is difficult for them be it a specific time period of life or a particular subject. Just like a mountain, it can sometimes seem so large when looking at it from the very beginning, but your perspective changes as you climb nearer the top.

Almost every class I have ever taken at any grade seems daunting and scary at first. Looking ahead to all the things you will soon be required to start and finish can make things seem even more impossible. Almost all the time, I am able to look back on time and feel like it was a piece of cake...after the fact!

Deep down inside, I know that I can do anything I set my mind too. If it is so completely out of the realm of possibility it would never be something I would have set my mind to to begin with. I don't believe in setting yourself up for failure, what good does that do?

Everyone has decisions to make in life, and what kind of dedication one is willing to put into school time is one of them. Are you willing to sacrifice your fun or free time in order to do the extra "not-required" readings for the class? Are you willing to read your assigned text book readings word for word, or do you skim over the whole thing then hone in on the areas you are less familiar with? There is also another option...not doing the reading (eek!!)

Some people are able to get away with this option, and I have in the past been one of them depending upon my believe of my self in quickly gaining the knowledge I need to pass the graded assignments.

For the first time ever, I am finding myself doing all required and non-required assignments and readings for my current class. The class is ACCOUNTING. This is one class I have always heard people gripe and complain about, but now that I am in the position of the course I know there is just no other way around it. I have no background on the subject and I don't know anyone who knows about it well enough to help "get me by".

One of the things I am discovering about this course is that you don't have to be good with actual math-you have to be good at figuring out what needs to included or excluded in very simple math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). This, as well as knowing how to categorize certain expenses/revenues, or whether something current or long term.

In order to actually have a clue what I'm doing with the numbers, I have to have a good handle on the actual definitions of words and what they mean. If you fall behind right out of the gate, each week (out of only 6) will get increasingly harder and more impossible to recover from.

My point: I am making the active decision that for the remaining 4 1/2 weeks I will be sacrificing doing the most fun things in life. Can I actually use ALL of my available time learning about accounting...probably not. You can't constantly cram without some serious fall out and burn out. But, to the best of my actual ability I will be applying myself fully toward being able to master this class.

What about you? Do you like to get through things doing as little as possible, do you get through school work with the effort required for a specific grade, or do you get through your school work hoping and praying it was enough and not changing a single thing about your normal life style?

After this course is over with, I will be able to breath a huge sigh of relief and hopefully my memories will be much more pleasant than my current thoughts are! It will be time to party in 4 1/2 more weeks, and then the next day it will start all over again with the next course!

And P.S. The something else I obsess about will be something completely useless and mind numbing such as Facebook, or coming up with weird blog topics I will never write about, or something else that doesn't make my quality of life or happiness any better!

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