Friday, August 10, 2012

Frozen Pouch Drinks Review

I love fruity frozen drinks, but never want to make them. Luckily, I don't have to! This summer a whole slew of already made, easy to freeze, delicious drinks came out in their own individual pouches. My Stepford Sister, Stephanie, posted about some them recently in Drinks for Summer, and I wanted to share some of my favorites as well.


Seagrams Sangria- This was my favorite, but I knew it would be before I even tried it. I love Sangria! It was sweet, fruity, and I could taste the wine. Nothing more could be asked of a frozen Sangria.

Daily's Strawberry Daiquiri- My second favorite, and also made with wine. Daiquiris are traditionally made with rum, so I was surprised they used wine instead, but it tasted great and I am sure it works better with the freezing process.

Daily's Lemonade- This was good, but nothing unexpected about it. It was just your average frozen lemonade. Very good, but not great.

Smirnoff Strawberry Lemonade- Smirnoff however, in my opinion, knows how to make the perfect frozen lemonade. Just chill and relax with a slushy, tasty lemonade that is tart and delicious, sure to help shake off the summer doldrums.Sure it is only 5% alcohol, but that just means you can drink more of them!

Also, Daily's had this brilliant idea to layer their Pina Colada Pouch and Strawberry Daiquiri Pouch to make their All American Drink, Yum! It makes me want to experiment with some of the other flavors...I would love to hear what everyone else thinks about these, please comment if you have an opinion!


  1. Really ? It looks like a dessert. Love to know its taste ..

    1. A deliciously alcoholic dessert :) I haven't gotten to try it myself yet, being pregnant and all, but I see it in my future :)


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