Monday, August 20, 2012

Poison Ivy-Update

I can not believe the day after I posted, Poison Ivy-What a Pest!, I would already need to be posting an update. I did some mild weeding in my yard Sunday afternoon and by today I was already feeling a slight irritation near my eye. By the time I woke up Tuesday, the circles under my eyes were puffy and I had an uncontrollable itch on one finger.

So, knowing myself SO well, I wasted no time in seeking medical attention! As my terrible medical luck would have it this is the third or fourth time I have needed to see my doctor for poison ivy, and she has had her office closed or was on vacation. I had no option but to go to the Urgent Care down the street.

This is how confident they are in my own diagnosis...I told them I was in the very beginning stages of having a poison ivy outbreak and that every time I get it, I get it systemically and very quickly. They only obvious place they had to look was at the puffiness near my eyes. Now, keep in mind that at this point it was still too early to see the visible blistering that poison ivy oils will make your body make.

So, here was my medical treatment:
1 cortisone shot in the rear (OUCH!!!)
9 days worth of pretencion (1 pill 3x a day for three days, then 1 pill 2x a day for three days, then 1 pill once a day for three days)
14 days worth of 10 mg. Zyrtec
and 45 grams worth of topical creme (Betamethasone dipropionate (augmented))

Now, the shot was painful enough that I want to make sure I complete my ENTIRE medical treatment plan! I am certainly going to take the Zyrtec and prednisone as prescribed...but do you know how much cream 45 grams is?! I checked my expiration dates on the meds and what I just got has a shelf life until 2014, so I will be writing on the meds in permanent marker POISON IVY so that next time I need prescriptions I won't have to fill and pay for additional topical cream!

The most ironic part of this post is that the only poster in the patient room was a large poster that had pictures and descriptions of: western poison ivy, eastern poison ivy, poison sumac, poison oak, and probably another. I joked with the nurse injecting my rear that what I really needed was a large poster to remind myself to avoid my yard! When she got my discharge paper work she brought me a brand new copy of the poster that they had extra of! It is too large for me to take a picture that you could see, but it made my day!!

Just a thought that I want to share: NEVER try burning any of the poison plants because it will cause the poison oils to become air borne and you can inhale them and get poison ivy internally! If you have a severe allergy like I do, it might pay off for you to pay someone else to do your weeding. I have done the math for me personally, and it costs me a grand total of $68 plus my time to go to urgent care with poison ivy....somehow I don't think I will be lucky enough to find someone to do the weeding (and do it well) for any less than that amount. One day, I hope to be smarter and get over the price of me not feeling miserable for a few days (not to mention pretty horrendous looking!).

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