Friday, August 24, 2012

Technology & Your Body's Health

As people become more and more aware of research and what can cause harmful affects to our bodies we are easily overwhelmed with the newest and worst things to avoid. Well, I think I have narrowed my list down to a few that I feel are important for people to at least consider...I'll make it a "Stepford Take 5;s" post!

#1-Exclusively Drinking Bottled Water

I love bottled water. There are no weird tastes, it is convenient, and I enjoy drinking bottled water. But, not taking into account the total "un-greenness" of bottled water, we are left missing out of a few things. Bottled water mainly lacks fluoride that is naturally present in tap water. There are been studies conducted showing that children whose mothers did not have natural sources of fluoride in their diet while pregnant had children with more cavities years later. It is believed that the fluoride a pregnant mother ingests does in fact contribute to the dental health of their unborn baby. I made this number one because it is something that most people just don't think about. Most of my #2-#5 picks you have probably already heard.

The same can be said about the lack of fluoride for your own body. Your dental health declines with age, but withholding fluoride will only expedite this natural process. Try using a filter on your tap water to take out contaminates but that still maintains the fluoride in the water.

#2- Microwave Oven Usage

This is the next new thing to avoid-the microwave. Studies have shown that eating food that has been warmed in a microwave raises a person's white blood-cell count tens of thousands higher than those who do not. Now, we have very very large numbers of all sorts of cells (white, red, etc.) in our bodies. My point is that there is research to support that this one specific choice does have a specific results. I would rather not have my body changing its natural counts of anything just because of how I want to heat my food.

Microwaves are such staples of life that completely getting away from them will be very difficult, if not impossible. Many restaurants use microwaves to heat up specific ingredients used in large you won't always know when a microwave has been used if you didn't make it yourself.

My accidental tip is to use your microwave as storage! I have a large dog that will drag food off my counter if I leave it out, so I often use my microwave for items such as chocolate, bread, cake mixes, crackers, and her other favorite things. By creating the extra step of having to empty out the microwave to use it, I have effectively been able to depend on it less and less. The oven doesn't take THAT much longer to heat up your food, plus the texture and freshness of it is much better than a microwave can provide on leftovers.

#3-Cellular Phone Usage While Pregnant

I very recently read an article on Yahoo! that was sharing the recent correlation between pregnant women's cell phone usage and their children having ADHD. I know that statistics can be twisted to prove just about any point....but I think there is probably some truth behind any one's large use of a cell phone (or microwave!). Your electronics have some amount of radio-activity or other types of waves used to transmit signals and whatnot. Just in living in this day and age in general we are exposed to all sorts of radio waves, light waves, and who knows what else. So, it makes sense to me to limit the exposure of our bodies to these things whenever it isn't necessary.  Is it necessary to sit on your couch playing on your iPod while watching TV and having your laptop on your lap downloading some large file?! Probably not....

#4- Plastic Food Storage

Using plastic food containers is similar to buying tomato based food products packaged in metal cans....there are chemical reactions that take place between the food and the container that cause extra contaminates and chemicals to seep into your food, and be ingested into your body upon consumption.  Even if you avoid a microwave oven, your plastic food containers can still start leeching chemicals when cleaned and sanitized through the dishwasher because of the high heat. There is one way around plastic food containers...if you hand wash in luke-warm water to avoid high heat and never put the container in the microwave. But, an even safer bet is to invest in glass food containers that have plastic lids. You will find that you never have to "transfer" dishes/containers in order to heat your food up the way you wish. A glass container can get popped in the oven or toaster oven easily without fear of catching fire like metal!

You will also find that your glass food storage containers will last longer than plastic, and look cleaner. I find the investment totally worth it.

#5- Hair and Body Products

Did you know that if you color your hair or use other products on your skin or head that your body absorbs some of the chemicals from within the product? I never really thought about it until my sister's doctor was sharing a story about two of his patients who died because they were dying their hair at home...

The teenage girls were dying their hair at home and decided to mix two different brands of hair dye to get the color they thought they wanted. It turned out, the two different brands mixed together created a lethal chemical combination that caused their livers to fail because it was too much for their liver to filter.

So just keep in mind, everything you put even on the outside of your body can have unseen and unknown consequences on the INSIDE of your body. Your kidney, liver, and other vital organs can only handle so much use before they can not perform their required jobs properly.

Do you have any other tips on what we can do do minimize our bodily harm through seemingly inescapable staples of today's world?

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