Thursday, August 23, 2012

Working With Others...and Remembering Etiquite!

I have found myself in a very uncomfortable position while working with some graduate student peers for my current course. There are several who are very outspoken and do not use much tact when speaking unkindly about the instructor and the class. In fact, a few of these people have expressed their opinions about how they feel while the entire group was present WITH the instructor. I have some opinions about this...and I have some areas I would love to heard advice on as well!

The first issue: keeping the peace with team mates and group members! My lifeline in this course are the students that make it up. I agree, my instructor knows the course material but has not figured out how to effectively communicate or teach it. My first instinct is to descretely send an email to the person (or small group of people) that I feel are not airing their grievances properly! If you have an issue with what the instructor is doing, I feel that they should e-mail him privately rather than take him off guard and basically assault him publicly in front of the entire class.

My second issue: I do not want to make my classmates hostile toward me. The ease they had talking negatively about the instructor leads me to believe that if another classmate poses a risk or threat against what they want, they will have no problems excluding me from discussions and group work.

The third issue: Aside from not having my peers want to include me with the work related to this course, I am also causing a potential long-term reference to not be available down the road. Networking within the work place and places of education can prove to be important and beneficial when later looking for a job or needing to know someone with a specific skill or education you need.

So, as you might be able to figure out there is no real clear-cut answer to my problems. For now, I am biting my tongue. I figure that the instructor and other classmates can draw their own conclusions about how the select few of this class are not handling things professionally. I also figure that my own actions speak loudly about how I wish to be.  I don't plan on adding fuel to the fire...or water to put it out either!

I found this communication hierarchy interesting: 

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