Friday, September 7, 2012

Being a "Good Wife"

There was a  hoax where this flier was circulated as what a "good wife" was expected to do: (click to enlarge)

This has been attributed to the book Fascinating Womanhood by Helen B Andelin which was intended to instruct young ladies in "The art of winning a man's complete love", which includes these DO's and DON'Ts:


Accept him at face value

Admire manly things About him

Recognize his superior strength and ability

Be a domestic goddess

Work for inner happiness and seek to understand its rules

Revere your husband and honor his right to rule you and your children


Don't try to change him

Don't Show indifference, contempt, or ridicule towards his masculine abilities achievements, or ideas

Don't try to excel him in anything which requires masculine ability

Don't let the outside world crowd you for time to do your homemaking tasks well

Don't have a lot of preconceived ideas about what you want out of life

Don't stand in the way of his decisions or his law

There is only one way to take it even further and that is by visiting who recommend The Total  Woman by Marabel Morgan as additional reading along the same lines. Here are some excerpts:

"Whenever your husband asks you to do something, he expects it to be done without reminding you. The next time he delegates a job to you, write it down. Give it top priority on your list.  Many a husband is so convinced that this plan works that now, instead of asking his wife to do anything for him, he just writes it down on her master sheet."

"Starting tonight, determine you will admire your husband...admire him as he talks to you. Concentrate on what he is saying. Let him know that you care. Put your magazine down and look at him. Even though you don't care who won what game yesterday, your attention is important to him. Let him know he's your hero. Don’t interrupt or be preoccupied."

"As your husband leaves for work, stand at the door and wave until he's out of sight. That's his last memory of you, in the open doorway. Make him want to hurry home."

"Remember that the tone for the evening is set during the first four minutes after your husband comes home tonight. His senses will be anticipating food and sex. If he wants to make love tonight, love him extravagantly and wastefully. If you pour out your love on him unconditionally, he'll want to love you in return."

 "Sexual intercourse is an act of love. Express your love by giving hi
m all you can give. A woman's hands should never be still when she is making love. By caressing tenderly, you assure him that he's touchable. Tell him "I love you" with your hands."

Not only will I be incorporating much of this advice into my "Stepford Week", but I also found a cookbook written by Marabel Morgan entitled The Total Woman Cookbook. I am going to be preparing dinner each night using selections from it!

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