Monday, September 24, 2012

Challenges of Stepford Week

Stepford Week was challenging in many unexpected ways.

The first being how difficult it was to make it interesting to write about. I don't personally find housework very entertaining, but that wasn't the only issue. This week I wasn't just playing the role of a housewife, but a Stepford housewife. While I thought it would be a fun role play game, I found it very difficult to write about. I had to lose my personal interests and only think about my husband. For a Stepford wife the husband is her only interest. Now, I am not saying my husband isn't interesting....but I had trouble describing the ho-hum week as interesting. I think it would have been easier if I had stayed in character like Stephen Colbert. Unfortunately, I litterally just thought of that. It never occurred to me until I wrote it just now. At least it gives me a great idea for tomorrow's post. Tomorrow I will give you a taste of my Stepford personality!

The second challenge was all the cleaning. I don't mind cleaning, but like most women I know, I started feeling resentful about my lack of help. That dental floss incident really effected my attitude. It shouldn't have, Shannon even apologized though I didn't mention it to him at all. I think it bothered me because it was at the end of a long week of me trying to pick up after him and I was constantly suppressing my feelings in order to keep myself from nagging. When things get pent up like that, the smallest thing can make them explode.

Challenge number three was preparing a hot breakfast (almost) every day. I love hot breakfasts, but I am not a morning person. I can't stress that enough. I am not a morning person. When I cook breakfast it is never before 9am and since Shannon leaves for work before 7:30am this was a real problem for me. When forced to get up that early I am lucky if I don't mistakenly pour the coffee in the cereal instead of milk. I think using the oven was a very brave and foolish gamble. Luckily, I did not burn the house down.

The final challenge was how Shannon reacted after the week was over. On the last day I thought he was sad it was over, but I was mistaken. He was angry! The day after Stepford week was over I was helping Shannon with dinner and when I found I couldn't do anything without a criticism from him, I left him and his bad mood alone. Of course, this only made his mood worse.

 By the time he came upstairs Shannon wasn't holding anything back. After fighting for a good horrible fifteen minutes, I finally figured out the issue. Shannon had somehow gotten it into his head that after this week I was never going to cook or clean for him again. Honestly, I do not understand the minds of men at all. However, I was able to help him understand mine and realize I wasn't giving up all aspects of wifeliness.

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