Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Diary of a Stepford Wife

Hey all!

Jairica Stepford here and I just wanted to write you all a little note telling you about my week! For five days I transformed myself into the perfect Stepford wife. It's a whole new me! I'm happy and I'm healthy, because I understand what's important in life,  my husband, my family, and making a perfect home. It's a lesson every gal needs to learn!

Shannon had Monday off for the holiday so we got to spend the whole day together! I helped him in the garden, we visited his family, and had a great time!

All week was simply wonderful, I got so much done! I cleaned using all my favorite products!

I also had the opportunity to serve many nutritious and tasty meals for Shannon to enjoy!

The best part was the real sense of accomplishment I got in caring for my husband's needs!

Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing the real difference you make in the lives of others. I could just tell how much more relaxed and happy Shannon was knowing when he got home he could really just unwind and not have to worry about anything else!

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