Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Diet" Cake-really

Have you ever looked at a box cake mix and thought, "Gee, the cake is pretty healthy until you start adding the eggs and oil.."

I have been given the key to fixing this problem, as well as finding new creative license and making a cake that is super moist. My friends told me they saw it on Pinterest- The key is diet soda. Yep, weird right?! The greatest thing about it is you aren't getting the extra calories and fats and oils that come with the eggs and oil.

Ready to try it? Here is what you do:

1. Purchase a box cake mix-(I went to Big Lots and found a "spring" yellow cake mix marked down to $0.90 just because it's fall...)
2. Purchase diet soda
3. Preheat your oven per the box instructions
4. Get out a mixing bowl, fork and measuring cup
5. Open and dump cake mix into a bowl
6. Measure 12 oz. of diet soda
7. Mix dry and wet ingredients
8. Pour in cake pan
9. Cook for 25-35 minutes depending on oven, pan, and altitude

This is so amazingly great for last minute cake baking too. There have been many times in my life that I wanted to bake a cake but didn't have oil or eggs to do so.

Other people have caught on because I found a ton of hits when I googled "diet soda cake". 

I have some tips for your creation:
*A can of soda is the right amount, but you can use a measuring cup to measure a larger container
*the more flavor the cake mix has, the less the flavor of the soda will influence it
*using regular instead of diet soda will make the cake much much sweeter (and add extra sugar and calories)
* Pour the soda slowly to avoid too much foam
*try buying off brand or marked down cake mixes, they work just as well because of the soda
*try reduced sugar cake mix and/or icing
*for a cake without changing its flavor, use ginger ale
*plain diet coke doesn't change the flavor of chocolate cake much
*try vanilla cake mix and diet root beer
*try devil's food cake mix and diet dr. pepper cherry
*try vanilla or white cake mix with diet orange or grape soda-use a little jelly mixed with your icing of the same or good paired flavor

 For a late fall/winter flavored cake I'm going to try spice cake mix with diet sierra mist cranberry (seasonal) and add some cranberry flavor to the icing and some orange peel shavings. Yum!

Happy Cake Baking!!!

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