Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall: Time for Chili

Chili is something that has become bigger than itself. There are competitions and cook-offs and everyone has their own opinion about what belongs in chili and what doesn't.

Well, I'll say it, I'm not picky. I enjoy the fact that people make chili in many different ways. There is no right or wrong to me, but I do have my favorites. So, I will share a few recipes over the fall season and give a few new ideas. My motto: always experiment, who needs an actual recipe anyway?!

Here are some of my favorite things to put in chili, not all at once, and some ingredients don't mix with others, but they give you an idea for ingredients you might not have tried:

-roasted corn
-beef steaks cut small instead of ground beef
-ground beef, chicken, pork, or turkey
-tomato sauce
-chicken stock
-chili powder
-garlic (powder or fresh minced)
-celery (seed or minced celery)
-stewed tomatoes
-beans (kidney, northern,black, etc.)

Ideas for items to serve with the chili:
-sour cream
-shredded cheese
-pasta (like spaghetti noodles)
-tortilla chips or Frito's
-corn bread
-thick cut loaf bread
-baked potatoes

As you can see from the collection of chili photos on the right, chili can be many different colors and consistencies. As long as its edible, not burnt, and not overly spicy there is no wrong way to make chili!

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