Saturday, September 15, 2012

Garbage Chicken Marinade

I love coming up with spur of the moment recipes out of ingredients I have on hand. If you use a cookbook to try lots of different recipes there can be an abundance of ingredients you might only have one recipe to use it on. I had some chicken breast that I purchased on sale, a larger quantity than I would eat in one meal. So, I cooked a portion of the chicken the way I intended when I bought it but then found I had chicken I needed to do something with.

Whenever I buy chicken breasts, I always fillet cut them to avoid thick pieces that need to cook too long to make the middle white. By fillet cutting them they are a more uniform thickness, your cooking time is reduced, and you have more surface area for any seasoning, marinade, or coating.

After having fillet-cut my chicken, I decided that I would actually have time to marinade my chicken since I already had dinner for that night taken care of. I opened the fridge (hence the name garbage) and took an inventory on what I had already open.

I found an assortment of condiments- ketchup, mustard, spicy hot mustard, ranch dressing, balsamic vinaigrette, Catalina dressing, pickles, minced garlic, and an assortment of ice cream toppings. Obviously I wasn't going to mix EVERYTHING together, but I was able to get creative.

I opted for a three-ingredient marinade (one that I haven't forgotten and still use):

*Catalina salad dressing (its a tomato based dressing)
*Spicy Hot Mustard (I have several bottles of this Hickory Farm kind from a meat and cheese gift box at Christmas, it's expensive to buy alone in the grocery store)
*balsamic vinaigrette

I did not measure out portions of any of these three ingredients, but I would say it was close to equal on the dressings and slightly less than equal on the mustard.

I mix it up, make sure all the chicken is coated in it, and refrigerate over night. I have been cooking the chicken in the electric skillet and it turns out great. If you have left overs I found it very yummy to cut into thin strips and heat up with cheddar cheese and then eat in a flour tortilla.

Cluck cluck!

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