Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day everyone.

On days like today, some people think of very specific people that are honored as laborers. I like to think we are all involved in the wonderful process of how we all work together to keep our nation going.

Here is my favorite example that I was given as a college graduate student taking an economics class that makes a lot of sense:

How many people in the world know how to make a pencil? I bet your quick answer is going to be a lot of people (even if you are only counting the people in a pencil factory that can take the raw materials all the way through the process to a finished pencil.) Well, I'm going to very firmly answer that no one person in the entire world knows how to make it alone.

Yes, there are people that can see the materials through all the processes in a factory to yield a complete pencil. BUT did you ever think about how all that stuff got in the factory to create a pencil? Someone had to get processed wood, eraser material, metal bandings, and lead there too.

This example can very quickly unravel into an endless number of possible people that were needed to create a pencil so I will streamline:

Someone had to know how to drill oil, process oil into gasoline, make an automobile (and all the process of the automobile), someone had to make chain saws and lumber cutting equipment, roads to travel on to transport materials, electric plants to make the energy, steel mills to make parts, and on and on. One person would not know how to start with just the Earth and create materials into a finished pencil.

My point, it takes ALL American's contributions to be able to advance our knowledge, technology, and wisdom. I never underestimate anyone's contribution because I know it takes everyone helping one another.

Thank you to all of those who do the traditionally thought of "labor" jobs-because frankly, I don't have it in me to do it so I'm sure glad there is someone else who does! Police, Firefighters, miners, lumberers, plumbers, roofers, farmers, truckers factory/plant workers, construction, health care, and SO many more.

And on a note of humor, if you are birthing a baby today, I wish you an even more unique labor day!

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