Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mint-It does great things

Over time, one thing has remained constant: man kind has looked to herbs and natural plants to help cure and aid with all types of ailments. As chemistry as been studied and advanced there are ways to make artificial alternatives that do have positive affects on the human body.

While science is wonderful, I still try to stick to the origin of all good things (organic/natural/non-scientifically modified). Today I would like to talk about MINT.

Mint. We all know it. Usually as an artificial flavor in things from starlight mints, to gum, or even mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Less of us know mint in its natural form. Just in the last week, as an impulse buy I purchased some MetroMint water. Why? I was thirsty and it sounded good-and it was. But in no way shape or form was I going to continually buy water at almost $2 a bottle just because it was a little minty (or mint and lemon depending on the choice).

I took it upon myself to see if I could make my own mint water AND have it taste as pure, clean, and refreshing as the purchased water. I went to the grocery store and bought fresh organic mint for $2.50 a package (it has like 100 leaves) and some lemons.

I used 2-4 leaves of mint for about a liter of water, along with a very small slice of lemon. I do a quick squeeze of the lemon and peel because the peel has the more potent lemon oil. I do not leave the lemon slice in the water because it makes it bitter and too strong. For the mint, I take my fingernail and puncture the leaves several times without breaking off pieces. I stir it around the water then squeeze the leaves to get all the water and oil out, then dunk it again and squeeze again. Using fingernails really helps get the mint oil out of the leaves. I also throw out the mint after instead of leaving it in the glass.  Although, I stumbled upon this really cool pitcher with space for whatever you are infusing your water with. It might be awesome if it doesn't get too bitter!

I am loving this way of preparing water. It tastes more pure, refreshing, and tastier than plain water. I started thinking though, there must be some benefits of mint as well. So here is what I found at

-Mint aids in upset stomach
-mint aids in fresh breath and inhibits harmful bacteria growth
-aids in digestion
-aids in curing headache and nausea
-helps soothe and cool respiratory disorders and cough
- might help cure cancer because a specific enzyme
-used in aromatherapy (helps calm)

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