Monday, September 17, 2012

Stepford Week: Day 1

First day of Stepford Week!! Things didn't go exactly as planned, but after the horribleness of the morning (foreshadowing) things did get better. I got up on my own, before the alarm. I have always done this on "first days". The first day starting a new job or the first day of school, I always wake up easily feeling refreshed and excited to begin something new. The first day of Stepford Week was no exception.

Upon waking, I decided not to throw back curtains. Shannon didn't have to work and there was no sense in making him wake up any earlier than he had to on his day off. Having an Eastern window means our bedroom would have been flooded with light. So instead, I got up quietly and tip toed down stairs to "freshen up" and start breakfast.

Breakfast was to be eggs over medium (my specialty), bacon, english muffins, Strawberry Chantilly (look for the recipe in a future post), and Cran/tangerine juice. The juice was a random discovery when we were shopping. For over a year now Shannon has been trying to find this juice that blew him away. We thought they had stopped making it and I had even accused Shannon of dreaming it. When we happened upon it at the store I could hardly believe it. (Post Script: The juice was pretty good, but I prefer the sweetness of Cran/Cherry) 

While I was making breakfast Shannon made his way downstairs and out to the garden. I had taken the strawberry tops out to our pond for Pond Lilly to munch on, but hadn't seen her when I was out there so I asked Shannon to check on her. I set out our food and called Shannon back inside. He came in looking quite grave and I immediately rushed to him asking if he had found our turtle. He looked at the food and I am pretty sure considered not telling me, but eventually mumbled that he had found her. I asked if she was okay and he shook his head sadly. Apparently, a raccoon had gone for a swim in our small pond and came out with our turtle. The worst part was that she was still alive, but wouldn't be for much longer. Shannon had to put her out of her misery. I was told to stay indoors and away from the windows while this happened.

Rest in Peace Pond Lilly.
She was sweet and beautiful and a wonderful pet.

After we grieved together, I reheated breakfast on the stove, making our over medium eggs more well done than I had intended, but everything was still edible.

Luckily, we had plans to visit Shannon's family that day so we had something to take our minds off our loss.

I skipped my morning work-out routine to conserve time and helped Shannon in the garden until we left to pick up Ethan and join the rest of the family at Shannon's sister's house.

It was nice to be surrounded by noise and activity, and the food was great. Our contribution was this lovely lemon bread (another recipe from the Total Woman Cookbook) and it was a big hit.

We didn't have to bring any leftovers home, which I was thankful for since I knew we would have too many leftovers before the week was over.


  1. I'm so sorry about your little turtle.

    1. Thanks Laura! Hopefully we will get another at some point...this time I will insist on a grate over the pond if we keep it outside.


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