Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stepford Week: Day 2

Wake up and Clean!

I didn't wake up in time for day two. In fact, I didn't wake up until after Shannon had already gone to work. Bad bad Stepford Wife. I am such a sound sleeper I didn't even hear him get up. I guess that means my excitement was over after only one day.

Once up, I did try to stick to my schedule. I did my morning exercise routine and showered before beginning to clean like a woman suffering from OCD. Unfortunately, I was so behind from weeks of having no time for chores that I could tell very early on that I was not going to finish my list. Example: Laundry twice a week? Ha! I had to do five loads in that one day just to see my closet floor.

My biggest success story was the kitchen. It needed so much work! I sweep it and wipe off the counters regularly, but that is about it. On day 2 of Stepford week I swept, cleaned the counters and cupboards, beat the rugs, scrubbed the stove top until it shined, re-organized our Tupperware cabinet, cleaned the vents, and disinfected the trash can.

Luckily, Shannon wasn't able to make it home for lunch so I was able to work without having to stop to make an elaborate meal for him. In fact, the rest of the downstairs got the same treatment as the kitchen. The upstairs, however, was barely touched. After making the bed I was called down by our dryer to fold yet another load of clothes and never made it back up there.

By 5:15 pm I had dinner in the oven (Chicken Parmesan, Green Chili Rice, and Tomatoes Provencal) and a drink ready for my mister as he pulled into the driveway.

By 9:15 pm I was ready for bed! What an exhausting day!

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  1. I'm exhausted reading your post, but love it! I would love to try what you are doing!


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