Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stepford Week: Day 3

Pleasing can be a Pleasure

I managed to get up for day three thanks to added volume on my alarm. Breakfast was to be the Fabulous Cheese Casserole (recipe from the Total Woman Cookbook) which I had prepared the day before so all I had to do was put it in the oven. It turned out fabulously! I will definitely be making it again.

Sticking to the schedule was much easier on day three. I strolled through the house picking up things that were out place, putting them in my basket and redistributing them just like the schedule suggested. That had been impossible on day two...I would have needed a wheelbarrow.

I planned ahead for us to have brisket for dinner and had it in the oven before Shannon got home. He prefers to spend a couple hours unwinding after work before eating so I knew better than to have dinner ready, but knowing it would take a couple hours to cook, I had it in the oven. On an average day I would have no idea what I was making and probably wouldn't even had thawed the meat let alone started cooking. Then we would have ended up eating at 10pm. This way dinner was ready by 7pm and from 5:30-7pm I was able to concentrate on helping Shannon unwind.

I did this by by giving him a relaxing massage after his shower. Shannon has a physically intense job which is hard on his back and strains his muscles. His lower back was one big knot and his sore feet had been stifled in his big heavy work boots. I made sure to spend most of my energy in those important areas.

 After his massage we watched his favorite show and just cuddled together on the couch. It felt so nice to relax together in a clean house and I felt a real sense of accomplishment. The house was free of clutter and we were able to just unwind together and enjoy eachother's company.

At 7pm I served our dinner of brisket, baked carrots, and scrumptious spinach. Shannon was in Heaven!

After dinner we had a very lovely evening indeed!

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