Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stepford Week: Day 4

Shannon was so pleased by my pleasing nature from the day before he insisted I sleep in on day four. We had plenty of breakfast leftovers so I mumbled sleepily that I loved him and hoped he would have a great day.

I felt pretty guilty about it later though and vowed to make sure he had a wonderful lunch to make up for it. I prepared him a luscious leftover brisket sandwich and stood by the door waving a goodbye when he departed.

In addition to my scheduled cleaning I also had some gardening to do. Tomatoes needed picked and the plants needed watered. As you might have guessed from some of my previous posts, I am pretty proud of our garden and try to do my part in taking care of it. This is our cherry tomato "tree" as I call it. It is taller than me!

For dinner I had chosen to use Marabel Morgan's South Sea Sensations meal plan for a bit of "international flavor". Unfortunately, I overcooked the pork, but the sauce made it edible. Luckily, everything else (especially dessert) was lovely and more than made up for the dryness of the pork.

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