Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stepford Week

The diner I work at closes for a week every year while the owners go on vacation. I decided to use my free week to get some work around the house caught up. Shannon and I have a lot of unfinished projects that need done and this week will be a great time to tackle them!

 I decided I would also work on my role in the household. Lately, working six days a week has gotten to me and I have been slacking on dinner. Shannon is a great cook, but he has cooked almost every meal for the last three weeks and is a bit tired of it. I haven't been doing much laundry or picking up around the house either. I haven't really been fulfilling my role as an equal partner, and I want to use this week to make it up to him.  Hopefully I will develop a system to make things easier for when I go back to work.

Since I can't plan anything as simple as that (my parents always said I was a "big ideas" person), I decided to make it a "Stepford Week" extravaganza where I will whole heartily attempt to be "The Perfect Wife".

Stay tuned for the details, this is going to get interesting!

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  1. Hi, Jairica!
    I read your posts on "Stepford Week". Thank you so much for sharing them with women like me!
    I am trying a "Stepford Month" on my blog(yes, I think big, too! ;) ) I've only read your posts on the schedule and the week you did it. Do you(or your sisters) have any tips or suggestions for a newbie like me trying this out? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks so much! :)


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