Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trash-to-Treasure Night-Lights

After reading Jairica's trash-to-treasure post, I have been looking at the things I throw away differently. I went through the McDonald's drive-through to get some iced tea and realized that because it is football season (and McDonald's sponsors LOTS of college teams) they have the officially licensed logo of my home state's biggest football team printed on it.

My brain started thinking, what could I reuse the greatest football team's logo for printed on a curved plastic cup. Carefully cut it, and attach it to a night light. BRILLIANT. This is a practically free way to make a boring plain nightlight fit in with a theme of your favorite team! I am not sure just how much light will make its way directly through the printed plastic, but it will at least look great at night and make soft back lighting by night. As long as you are using the proper sized lightbulb for the nightlight, the heat should have no adverse affect on the plastic (aka melting or burning or catching on fire).

If you are looking for a more transparent idea, try using the clear plastic cups from places like Starbucks (cold drinks). Doesn't everyone want to use the green goddess of Starbucks for something?! Or, cut the logo from your favorite food restaurant and make a nightlight out of it for your kitchen.

People pay for branded and licensed items all the time. Why purchase them when you can make them for little cost. Just don't break the law and sell them (that would be against copyright and printing laws). What other printed plastic can you find to add personal touch to your every day items?

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