Monday, September 10, 2012

Trash to Treasure

People throw out some cool stuff. I am not a dumpster diver or anything (can't stand the smell), but if I drive by and see something unique that I could use waiting to be taken to a landfill I rescue it. I love re-purposing junk. It combines two of my favorite things, recycling and crafting.

My mom is the one who originally gave me the idea to do this. I'm not saying I am shallow, but it definitely makes me uncomfortable to walk up to someone's trash and take something. My mom doesn't have that insecurity and when I was in high school she found a large (at least 60 gallon) aquarium someone was throwing out and brought it home. Being a teenager I ridiculed her for it. She just laughed at me, cleaned it out, and set it on the floor in the play area in the basement. She then proceeded to fill it with books. Once she finished it off with a lid I realized she had just created a pretty neat bookshelf coffee table.

She is also the one who found my Grandfather clock. It was sitting by the trash and completely gutted, but she knew I would want it. She was right. I brought it home, cleaned it up, and now I have my own unique bookshelf!

This candelabra was originally a off-white, but a can of rust proof spray paint turned it into a funky conversation piece.

For more ideas on re-purposing trash into treasure visit

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