Monday, October 29, 2012

Jairica Stepford's Halloween Take Five

I love Halloween. It might just be my favorite holiday of all time, though I usually change my mind about that sometime in December. These are the five things I like most about Halloween...and believe me it is tough to pick only five things!

#1 Leaves Changing Color

This is more of a fall thing than a Halloween thing, but the two merge together when you are trick or treating and the leaves are cascading down on you in all their colorful glory.

#2 Carving Pumpkins

I like reaching in and pulling out the "guts", I just can't help it. They are slimy and gooey and delightful in every way. The actual carving with a knife I leave to my husband, but I love coming up with the designs. This owl is the one Shannon carved this year.

#3 Eating Pumpkin Flavored ANYTHING!


As you may have guessed from my many pumpkin recipe posts of soups, main dishes, breakfast and desserts I love the flavor of pumpkin! In fact, my wonderful husband just bought me twelve pumpkin doughnuts and I am going to eat them all (not at once)!

#4 Playing Dress up 

As a kid I used to love playing dress up (what little girl doesn't?) and I never really grew out of it. Sometimes Shannon comes home to find me dressed like a gypsy or a princess or a 50's housewife for no reason at all. Halloween legitimizes it for me!

#5 Reese's Pumpkins

They are my third favorite Reese Cup....I like the eggs the best, then the trees, then the pumpkins...and lastly the hearts...yeah I know I am weird, but can anyone honestly say they feel it should be in a different order?

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