Thursday, October 25, 2012

Planning Ahead for Homemade Christmas Gifts

Every once in a while, we reach a point in our lives where there are several people we think about near Christmas time, but that aren't specifically included on our Christmas gift list. There are several great, and fairly cheap (after divided out into multiples) homemade gifts that are thoughtful, useful, and personalized.

With anything homemade, attention to detail is important, so I'm sharing these ideas before the big holiday rush so that time and attention can be given to these gift ideas.

1. canning preserves or cookie mix with instruction card

This was a big hit around 10 years ago when someone realized you could give someone homemade cookie mix (minus wet ingredients), attach a recipe card, and give it as a gift. The idea behind this is still just as great! If you are lucky, you can even find Ball or Kerr jars on clearance right now! This is a gift giving idea best done in bulk because you can make multiples for virtually no more effort than making one singly. 
If you already have a jam, preserve, sauce, or other food people love that you can this is simple-stick with that! If this is something you haven't done you can get creative with what you want to give. 

Go to and search cookie in a jar to find many flavors and the necessary card to attach to the jar!

2. spray bottle with essential oils body or room sprays 

I personally greatly enjoy my doTerra certified therapeutic grade oils, and like to find many ways to utilize them (and get others to try and enjoy as well). After you have invested in the oils, they can be mixed to make other products. An idea is to make your own body mist or room spray from them. Make sure you identify your spray as all the great things it is (natural, therapeutic, pure, organic, etc) based on truth from the ingredients you use. I suggest distilled water or fractionated coconut oil as the main ingredient in your spray (the oils being the second (and only other) ingredient) The container store sells aluminum 2 and 4 oz. empty spray bottles. The shiny look of the bottle makes the product look even more special!

3. homemade lotion bars

Photo of home-made coconut oil hard lotion bar

Homemade soap can be made with many different ingredients and scents, but for a simple gift, try making the coconut lotion bars shared previously Coconut Oil-For the Body with one of these twists:
  • Add 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil for scent.
  • Add 10 drops of peppermint essential oil and 1/2 tsp of powdered ginger for use on sore muscles after working out.
4. nail and thread art


I discovered this idea last year before Christmas, and found that it made a great gift for people that have everything or that you don't know what they want. I already had most of the thread colors in my sewing box and was able to find a $1 wooden cutting board that already had finished round edges that I could use as my base. I used tempura paint to paint the wood, used a clear spray paint coating, then hammered the nails into the wood in the pattern desired and wrapped sewing thread around them. The key to this gift is time. You must take the time to wait for the paint to dry, then you must take the time to make a template or measure out your design. The results are pretty amazing, and if you personalize with names or other custom feature they will know for sure you made it! Look around on Pinterest for many design and color ideas. Ideas I have tried are scarlet and grey thread on the outline of a block "O" (Ohio State fan) and the outline of the state of Ohio with the family surname beneath it.
5. hand made stationary, cards, or gift tags

Emily Summers Design and Nonsense  DIY Gift Tags from scrapbook paper! scrapbook paper greeting cards

This last idea also requires time, and is best done in bulk. If you have many people to give gifts to this year, you can save a lot of time and money by purchasing scrap booking paper in large packages and using a paper cutter to cut multiple pieces at once. This way you can take the time to measure once, then not waste time cutting many duplicates. Hobby stores sell bulk plain cards and envelopes (in packs of 50) and packs of "coordinating" scrap booking paper. You can customize size, shape, color-just about any and every aspect of this idea. 


  1. like the gift idea..i think a simple gift for any gift giving occasion is a gift card put into Gift Card envelopes..isn't it.

    1. And it is hard to go wrong when giving gift cards, but when we have the time we like to make the envelopes homemade so it still has that special "unique for you" touch :)

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