Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stephanie Stepford's Halloween Take Five

I love traditions. They make you feel young again, comfortable, and give you something to look forward to. There are certain things I automatically think about and associate with Halloween, and here is my top five list of things I look forward to at Halloween.

5. Wax Lips I don't know what it is about fake lips that don't even taste that good, but I get brought back many many years when I think about these lips. They are fun, goofy, and sometimes hard to find!

4. Ernest Scared Stupid This movie is something else, but is the very first movie I think of when I think about Halloween. I have seen this movie nearly every year and I think of as a classic!

3. Candy Corn Candy corn isn't as much of a specialty Halloween item anymore because it can be purchased year round through many different brands. That doesn't change my memories as a child about this wonderful candy though! I am pretty picky, and I feel like I can tell the difference if the candy corn isn't white, orange and yellow. Some brands add a green or a brown, but it just isn't the same. Candy corn in any other shape...also not the same! The best way I found as a child to eat candy corn was to eat the white tip (off every piece) then the orange, then the best was saved for last...the rounded smooth yellow! There was confusion if any piece was not colored correctly but somehow I managed and grew up to be a normally functioning human being (according to some!).

2. Scented Jack-O-Lantern
This is an adult twist to a childhood favorite! I am traditional and still like to use tea light candles to illuminate our jack o lanterns. As an added perk to the jack o lantern,  I love to sprinkle cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon inside the pumpkin and after a short while the flame from the candle will start warming it and produce a yummy aroma! Be warned, the pumpkin is likely to grow mold and rot much faster with the spices than without, so wait until trick-or-treat night (or Halloween).

1. The Circleville Pumpkin Show
This memory is certainly biased based upon my home state of Ohio. The pumpkin show is also more about fall than it is about Halloween, but because it is such a big deal to me and my family (and it happens within two weeks of Halloween it becomes one and the same to Halloween preparation to me. There is pumpkin flavored everything, and of course you can't forget the prizes for pumpkins (biggest, smallest, weirdest, prettiest, etc.)  They also hold the record for the world's largest pumpkin pie (a few years ago at their 100th anniversary), and make pumpkin towers.

Fun facts about the biggest pumpkins: the winners each year tend to be an ongoing rivalry amongst 2-3 families, the farmers keep seeds from their biggest pumpkins and keep growing giants, after being picked from their farm these pumpkins start loosing weight because of evaporating water so they weigh them quickly for the highest possible weight.

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