Wednesday, November 28, 2012

20,000+ Views and Growing!

On behalf of all three of us (Jairica, Stephanie, and Sara Stepford), we would like to take this opportunity to thank our blog subscribers, viewers, and casual readers. We started out slowly, but we have been steadily growing in the number of views our blog has been getting.

A few fun statistics that we are able to get thanks to Google's blogger include:

Top viewed post: Carving Your Jack-O-Lantern posted by Jairica. This page has recieved over 5748 page views to date!

Posts featuring homemade items rank among the highest viewed collections we post. Some of the favorites among the homemade items include:

Five DIY Costumes by Jairica

Planning Ahead for Homemade Christmas Gifts by Stephanie


Cool Projects with Crayons by Stephanie

 Crayon Melting

Homemade Baker's Coconut by Jairica.


We have also done very well with advice posts including:

Parenting Nighttime Issues  by Sara

Facts to Avoid Getting Sick by Jairica

Marriage Tips Learned Over Time by Stephanie


Looking back through some of the great posts that have been shared since our beginning in May 2012 has been fun to see us grow and diversify our posts.

You can be sure to see some "Stepford Take Fives" on each of our top five favorite posts from the past some time in the future!

Thank you again for helping us achieve growing views. This gives us the motivation to keep writing since we know there is someone that cares to read it!

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