Thursday, November 8, 2012

Acorn Squash

I absolutely love cooking with seasonal foods, and acorn squash is a food that I have only ever cooked in one way: in the oven, cut in half, with butter and brown sugar in the concave. I love eating it this way, and I feel like I am getting a decent amount of vegetables and fiber in my diet doing it this way. If you don't like baked sweet potatoes though, you are likely not going to like this preparation of acorn squash either. I have set out to find new and tasty ways of cooking this great squash-five to be exact (us Stepford Sisters love the number 5!).

#1 Maple Acorn Squash Squash Rings from Babble Kids Recipes

#2 Stuffed Squash with Corn Pudding scroll down through kitchensaremonkeybusiness (its worth the scroll down the page!)

Acorn Squash #3 with Rice Stuffing from Taste of Home

Picture of Cheese-Crusted Squash Recipe

Picture of Curried Winter Squash Recipe

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