Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Being Thankful for the Less Obvious

There are so many ways to express how thankful we are all throughout the year. Most of us are busy and make excuses not to enjoy the little things or remind others how much we care about them. Every year, most people go out of their normal way to show their thanks and be caring and loving to others!

Some people find it necessary to post every day for the month of November what they are thankful for, but I am not one of those people. The first week or so people get in some really good things to be thankful for, then as the month gets closer to thanksgiving the things we are thankful for get to be really silly.

So, rather than be truly sentimental about all of the things I am thankful for (which is really quite a lot), I thought it would be much more entertaining to everyone else if I came up with five slightly bizarre things I was thankful for.

1. Meme Generators-standard pictures with really funny sayings that can be obvious or ironic. I am able to lose myself for as long as I need to be distracted while trying to do real work.

2. Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Roll Holders- You can understand this if you have  needed paper and couldn't use the convenience of pulling while it spins on a roll!

3. Online Recipes- This has multiple reasons it is so great. You can find recipes quickly from a computer or your phone (especially when at the grocery store and you forget what you need). It is also a great way to buy sale foods and find a way to cook and eat them that you will like.

4. Blogs- Blogs are the new modern day way for people to share their ideas, vent, or keep a personal diary of their life. Without blogs I would never hear about other people's uncanny success or terrible situations-both of which help give me perspective about my own life. My husband would also probably go insane listening to me, so for that he is thankful as well!

5. Busy People- I am so thankful for busy people because by comparison, I am a wonderful woman. My grandmother can never believe how much I am able to do because she has an idea of what "busy" is. Well, if it weren't for people creating the illusion (or truth) of being super busy, I would look like a total slacker! Homemade dessert for a family get together is a shock to my whole family because they can't imagine how I had time to do it.

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