Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts-Stepford Take Five's

I love crafts for all holidays, and Thanksgiving is traditionally one that doesn't have a huge number of unique or creative crafts: Turkeys, feathers, and gourds. But, given the tradition of using these themes, I have found five favorite crafts that you can make at home with (or without) the kids!

1. 3-D Turkeys (from

I like this craft most because it can be seen on a table or counter unlike a flat version. All you need is a Styrofoam cup, paper for a hand cut out that will become the feathers, paper for the feet, a pom-pom for the head, googly eyes, a foam or paper heart and triangle to make the face, and glue to hold together loose items.

2. Pine cone Turkeys (from

This is another way to get some extra dimension and visual on your home made turkey. This is a craft that little ones will love helping with, especially if they get to go on a scavenger hunt for the pine cones! If you want your turkey even more festive, try purchasing a bag of cinnamon (and often lightly glittered) pine cones.

3. Oreo Turkey Cookie (from and (

Turkey Cookies

Let's face it, pumpkin pie is the number 1 Thanksgiving dessert, but not everyone, especially children like pumpkin. This is a really cute dessert alternative made with ingredients that are likely easy to find in your left over trick-or-treat candy or a quick trip to the grocery store. All you need are candy corn, mini Reese's cups, Oreo cookies, and icing for sticking parts together, and black pipping icing for the eyes (for the fancier version on the right you will also need orange pipping icing and nutter butters, whoppers or other round candy, along with a second color variation of candy corn).

4. Turkey Glove (from

This craft is a great way to utilize the extra gloves in your house that have had a missing mate or one that was damaged! All you will need is a glove, yellow pipe cleaners, stuffing for the glove (try batting or cotton balls or other packing material, and sewing thread to close the bottom and make the eye.

5. Fall Leave Turkey (from

 This craft is great for young children because they can make an activity of finding the leaves to create this turkey. Sorting the leaves by color is also a skill they are learning while being creative to make their turkey.

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